Spikes are a good deterrent against the casual intruder, the opportunist who sees your washing hanging on the line, your bicycle standing in the yard and so forth. Spikes prevent people from getting their hands onto the top of your wall, pulling themselves up and sliding their bodies over the wall to enter your property. Please be aware though that there is nothing that will keep a determined criminal out of your property, yet all added measures help, such as dogs, alarm systems, exterior lights, electric fencing, etc.

We install spikes onto virtually any surface or area, including brick walls, pre-cast walls, steel fences and gates, wooden fences and gates, drainpipes if necessary, telephone posts, almost anything you can think of.

The Vibra Spike
(Vibracrete walls only)

* Applications
The Vibra Spike is used exclusively on pre-cast walls as it is designed specifically for this purpose.

* Specifications
The Vibra Spike comes in lengths of 1500mm and is 40mm wide. The spikes stand 80mm high above the pre-cast wall. The Vibra Spike is made of 1.2mm thick pre-galvanised steel.

The Allwall Spike
(Brick Walls)

* Applications
The Allwall Spike is designed to work anywhere, as its name indicates: pre-cast & steel fences.

* Specifications
The Allwall Spike comes in lengths of 1500mm and is 45mm wide at the base. The spikes stand 80mm high. The Allwall Spikes are made from 2mm thick hot-dipped galvanised steel.

The Mini Allwall Spike
(Vibracrete, wooden fences, gates)

Mr Spike mini all wall
* Applications
The Mini-Allwall Spike is a smaller version of the Allwall Spike and also works anywhere, including wooden fences.

* Specifications
The Mini-Allwall Spike comes in lengths of 1500mm and is 35mm wide at the base. The spikes stand 55mm high. The Mini-Allwall Spikes are made of 2mm thick hot-dipped galvanised steel.
The Supra Spike
(Brick Walls)

Mr Spike spikes
* Applications
The attractive Supra Spike is used predominantly on brick walls, especially as a feature on front walls.

* Specifications
The Supra Spike comes in lengths of approximately 1500mm and is 45mm wide at the base. The spikes have a vertical height of 102mm. The Supra spike is made of 2mm thick hot-dipped galvanised steel.
All security spikes come in lengths of 1.5m, though we price them per meter. Our standard powder-coated colours are white, green, cream, black and dark brown.

Legally according to most Municipal by-laws, all spikes must be installed at a minimum height of 1.5m. If you have any queries or would like a free quotation, please contact us.

Feel free to contacts us regarding any queries or quotes you may have.

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