Mr Spike offers five spikes, suited to fit pre-cast walling, brick and block walls, as well as steel and wooden fences. The spikes vary in height from 55mm to 110mm, are fully galvanized and can be powder-coated in a variety of colours. Non-retractable fasteners ensure a steady fit on any wall.

Maintenance is virtually nil, due to the spikes rigid nature, which means there are no monthly maintenance costs. The spikes are an effective and visible deterrent, your first line of defense against intruders.

Electric fencing:

Mr Spike supplies and installs electric fencing using a variety of brackets, different number of strands and makes of energizers. We concentrate on alarming the fence in such a way that when burglars tamper with or cut any live wires, the alarm will sound, regardless of whether the fence is installed on a wall, pedestrian gate or even sliding gate. All our fences are installed to current legislation and issued with a COC certificate.

Razor wire:

Mr Spike installs different types of razor wire, such as Standard Wire and Ripper Wire, the latter being one of the toughest razor wire products around.

Bird spike:
A product that has proven itself very effective against a persistent type of intruder is the Bird Spike. Bird Spike is a UV Stabilized PolyCarb product, which prevents birds from perching and nesting on your property. We also offer the Bird Spike in a UV Stabilized PolyCarb Base with Stainless Steel Spikes. This in turn prevents you having to clean up your patio or pavement underneath where the birds keep perching.

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