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Mr Spike uses a variety of razor wire makes. Our preferred type is Ripper razor wire, which is made from high tensile steel and is substantially thicker than the standard razor wire available. We use a small bolt cutter to work with these materials. We supply and install Ripper razor wire in two types, namely Ripper coil, which has a tunnel look about it and Ripper flatwrap, which is a circular, yet flat construction.

As a rule, razor wire is generally installed by attaching galvanized brackets to the wall, straining wire and attaching the razor wire to the straining wire. However, Ripper coil often works well on brick walls, without brackets and straining wire, covering the width of the wall on top. We also install Standard Coil and Flatwrap as well as Razor Ribbon and Razor Mesh

Legally all razor wire must be installed at a minimum height of 1.5m.

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